anti-vibration pads for washers and dryers



Robin Rowlands, Wonboyn Cabins & Caravan Park, Wales, Australia
I was very impressed with the prompt delivery of my GVI pads all the way from USA to Australia and delighted with the result after putting them in place. We have a pretty old wooden laundry floor that caused major problems with machine vibration in the past.

Gerald, Nevis, MN
I received the anti-vibration pads promptly and they work as expected. The transaction was simple and there were no problems. The main purpose for the purchase is a wet basement. The pads lift the washer and dryer to keep the legs dry and prevent rusting.

Marvin, TN
Last week I ordered 4 pads for my front loading washing machine. I have placed those pads under the washer and they work great.

Richard, Sturgeon Bay, WI
I have received my two sets of dampener pads and adhesive discs. The pads have been in use for two weeks now and have greatly reduced the vibration problem. You have a good product and I would highly recommend them. Thanks, Richard

Travis, Billings MT
I never thought such a simple product would make such a HUGE difference. Before I got the Good Vibration pads, my washer made the whole house shake, making the neighbors who live downstairs pretty mad. The shaking was so bad the washer door was even banging around, making more noise. I put the pads under it, no more door shaking, no more destroying the floor. And of course the neighbors love the pads too!

Keith, San Leandro, CA
The pads work well with my LG front loader. Thanks

Jacob, Council Bluffs, IA
Just wanted to let you know that we received the vibration pads today and they did the trick. You should sell these at appliance stores. I called Whirlpool prior to buying these, and they said that all the front loaders shake. They never mentioned any product like this. Thanks for the fix!

Sreekumar, Brewster, NY
I used the pads and it reduced the vibration quite a bit and its well grounded to the floor. My floor used to vibrate alot before while the washer did the final spin but now with the pads on, it has cut down the vibration drastically. Its a good product to have.

Edwin, Peekskill, NY
Your pads, did what I wanted them to do. They raised my new washer high enough to clear the pedestal drawer (found a more shallow drain pan than my old one) and they reduced significantly the vibration and noise I was getting from my old washer. Excellent product.

Mary, Monument, CO
First let me tell you we finally were able to put your products under my washer and dryer. They are wonderful. They have made such a difference.

Jeffrey, Stafford, VA
I would like to thank you for developing the vibration dampening pads. I received them the other day from your company and installed them over the weekend. It makes quite a bit of difference as our installation is on the 2nd floor. It seems after several loads of laundry that they work just fine. Thanks for a great product.

Brian, Vernon, British Columbia
They work! Our new washer is now quietly purring in the corner. Many thanks.

Bridget, Cottonwood, UT
I am very happy with my purchase! The pads have reduced the noise from upstairs front loader. Thank you!

Jennifer and Russ, South Lake Tahoe, CA
I purchased these pads after I was just sick of hearing the washing machine and thinking that it was just going to rumble right through the floor. These pads are just fantastic! You hardly hear a thing and the floor and windows don't vibrate anymore!

Matt, Fair Oaks, CA
I would first like to say that you have a great product! The pads have greatly reduced the vibration of our new washer and helped with the noise too. My wife and I have even suggested to the sales person we bought the washer from to tell them about your product. Our washer doesn't walk away even without the adhesive discs. Thank you.

Sean, New Brunswick, Canada
The pads did certainly help. I may still move to a newer front load washer with a better suspension, but your product is still something that I have, and will recommend to others up here in eastern Canada.

Toni, Clover, SC
I have them and they are great, little did we know that the front loads vibrated so much, ours was up against a bath room wall and quite frequently vibrated the pictures and things off the wall and off the toilet. These pads stopped all of that I have also recommenced your company to Home Depot as they get these request all the time about this problem

Kendl, Miamisburg, Ohio
Thank you so much for your patience. I think your product will work for us after all. I did not receive a true invoice with the discs, just one that said “sample”. Do you want to send me a true invoice or should I log onto your website and pay that way? Let me know. Thanks again.

Michael, McDonough, GA
Thank you for an excellent product. We were afraid our expensive front loader was going to fall through the floor. The dampener pads made a big difference. Regards.

Jennifer, East Lyme, CT
Wonderful Product! I have a front loader washer that shakes half the house during the spin cycle. I knew there would be a vibration issue during the Spin Cycle but did not expect to feel it 20-30 feet away. I am so happy to have discovered GVI. Before the anti-vibration pads, I was really concerned that the floor joists would shake apart over a long period of machine use resulting in a hole where the washer stood but after placing the pads under the machine, I was amazed by the substantial decrease in vibrations. I can't feel any floor vibrations unless I am standing inches from the machine. Even then it is barley noticeable. Thanks for a great product and for addressing my concerns promptly.

Raymond, Westminster, MD
I installed the set I received on the front loading washer machine we have on the 2nd floor and was amazed at the noise and vibration reduction. As your product was the only one that I found after doing some web research, I was skeptical as to the reductions I would see. Having the washing machine on the 2nd floor is a great work saver for our family, but the first time we heard the vibrations caused by the front loader we were sure we had made a mistake.

Mark, Portland, OR
I’ve installed the vibration dampening pads and they are working great. Great product idea and well executed. I’ve been aggravated by the walking washer that shakes the whole house for two years now. Sure seems like Bosch should include pads like yours with the washer.

Jonathan, Roulette, PA
I have received the vibration pads and must say that I absolutely love them. I have a quite uneven floor in a house that is 160 years old. I recently laid 3/4" plywood as a sub flooring under the new linoleum. My old washer, just a standard top loader, walked across the floor on a regular basis. I recently purchased a set of, nearly new, front loaders from a couple that replaced them due to the washer walking so terribly. I ordered the pads before I even set them up and the washer has not walked once, not even on super extraction with a very heavy load. The previous owner of the washer and dryer sold them to me at 1/3 of what they paid and for a few dollars, I eliminated the problem. Again I say.... I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT... Gratefully, Jonathan. Another satisfied customer.

Tonette, Danville, CA
The pads work great.

Robert, Elgin, IL
The pads are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Our washing machine is no longer "walking," and it's noticeably quieter. Thank you.

Tom, Merrimac, MA
Great Customer Service, Will recommend to others. Thanks.

John, Ontario, Canada
Just want to let you know that the package arrived this morning. I installed them and went to work. My wife did the laundry during the day and told me the noise is significantly reduced.

Garrett, Brenerton, WA
I think this is a great product.

Paula, Prescott AZ
Hello, I recently ordered 2 sets of the vibration dampening pads and the adhesive discs. The pads are amazing! We're so very happy to have our washer upstairs now without feeling like the house is going to shake apart. Thank you.

Shelley, Milton Ontario, Canada
My husband and I just ordered a set of vibration dampening pads with adhesive discs. We are quite happy with the pads. They have made a HUGE difference during the spin cycle on our washing machine. Thank you!

Richard, Sturgeon Bay, WI
I have received my two sets of dampener pads and adhesive discs. The pads have been in use for two weeks now and have greatly reduced the vibration problem. You have a good product and I would highly recommend them. Thanks, Richard

Nancy, Isanti, MN
Thank you so much for all the questions you have answered and the awesome customer service. Those thin little adhesive discs really made the difference. I am so pleased with your product and your sincerity in helping your customers. Thank you again.

James, Terrace Bay, Ontario
I received the pads today and installed them. I have done 2 loads already without any vibrations or walking of the washer. This is great.

Jerry, Hawi, HI
The pads are working great. Thanks.

Megan, Greenfield, WI
The pads have helped a lot, thank you. We also referred your company to the people who installed our GE washer and dryer since other people have inquired about.

John, Houston, TX
Thanks for such a great product. We've just had them in use for a short while and they work great. We used to have one of the 1st generation Kenmore front loaders upstairs. When it would spin, you could feel it all over the house. We've just replaced it with a new, bigger LG. We were worried about the vibrations so we looked for a product that would help out. Yours seemed the most promising, and it worked! Thanks again JC, Las Vegas, NV
They work great!

Howard, Nova Scotia Canada
Great News…IT WORKED!! The vibration still exists but it seems to be absorbed in the rubber pads. And sitting down stairs in our house, we cannot tell that the washer is even on!! Thank You very much.

The Aquilino Family, New Fairfield CT
I have a front loading Bosch Washer located on the 2nd floor laundry room that would shake the whole home like an earthquake. I found your pads on line and boy I am glad because the shaking is gone. We all thank you.

Valter, Vancouver, British Columbia
We found that the pads do a superb job in minimizing the transfer of vibrations form our washing machine and dryer to the floor. We used to experience vibrations in the whole house when the washing machine or the dryer would start spinning. With the pads in place, I cannot feel any vibration when I touch the floor with my hand near the pads. A huge improvement vs. not using the pads. I am very satisfied with your product and with your excellent service.

John, Macomb, MI
Just installed your product and it works very well. The washer and dryer are on the main floor LG with pedestals. Great product.

Will, Peyton, CO
Just wanted to say your product is amazing in stopping my front loader washing machine from walking around the laundry room. Again thanks for your great customer service and quick response to my problem.

Jane, Stittsville, Ontario
The vibration pads worked great.

Mark & Tricia, Portland, Oregon
We just received the dampener pads and OH MY GOD – what a difference they make! We bought a new house 2 years ago with an upstairs laundry room. When we had our new front load washers installed, the bedroom adjacent to the laundry area would shake sooo bad. It would knock items off book cases, shake the ceiling light fixtures, and make the computer monitor and printer jiggle. We even once bought a dancing Hawaiian hula doll toy to stick on our desk to see it shake when we did laundry. We had the laundry manufacturer come out and verify the unit was balanced. We had the builder come, open the flooring underneath in the garage to verify the support beams and everything was fine they said. They even said the floor span was "over engineered". We had them bring out rubber floor mats and even offer to buy our washer so we could get a new one. But we didn't like any of the options so we lived with it. It was embarrassing to have anyone over when we did laundry as it felt like the floor and the house were going to fall apart. I just put the pads in and I can't even tell there was ever a shaking problem. Other than hearing the washer spin and the water flow, I wouldn't even know it was working. What a difference. You saved us thousands of dollars of either building a new laundry room in the garage, moving to a new house, or putting in floor reinforcements. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Jon, Wichita, KS
The discs work great. I was ready to give up on the front load washer--but these saved the day. Thanks again--perfect solution!

Julie, Colorado Springs, CO
Thanks for a good product, and your assistance.

Jim, Paducah, KY
I recently purchased some pads. The isolators did a wonderful job. The isolators have performed just perfectly, the washer has not moved at all! Excellent product. Thanks.

Alf, Oakville Ontario

The pads have been installed and there is a marked improvement in the vibration. Although there is still some vibration it is no where near the level it was previously. Many thanks.

Jennifer,Marysville, OH
I received my GVI pads yesterday & they are AMAZING! I washed a load of towels this AM & had to continually check as I thought the machine stopped running. :) Thank you so much for offering this product.

James, Wilmington, DE
I am writing to give you some feed back regarding my purchase of two (2) sets of four (4) Vibration Dampener Pads for my front loading washer and dryer, which are placed on the third floor of my town house. Upon receiving your product, I was most impressed by the robust construction and the design, which included recesses to mate with the washer's feet. I have installed and leveled the washer per your instructions and can report that my washer has not moved since. Vibration dampening is also good. You can rest assured I have already been telling friends with similar situations to check out your product.

Adam, Ontario Canada
I finally got around to installing your pads that were sent a couple weeks ago. The difference is absolutely incredible. I did a wash that wasn't even exactly balanced (a heavy cotton bathrobe with a few small towels) and left the machine on maximum spin. There was absolutely no vibration on high spin. Your anti-vibration pads are incredible! I was so surprised that even on 15" Bosch pedestals, the machine didn't vibrate at all using your product.

Orlando, Dacula, GA
I was skeptical when I ordered them, but decided to try it out. I have the duets stacked in the second floor and the whole house used to vibrate. Now I can barely tell if the washer is running! Great product!

David, Shelby Township, MI
Well, the 747 has been permanently grounded! Our front loading washing machine (Kenmore elite 4ht) is on the second story with an un reinforced floor (sub-floor covered only with vinyl flooring) and the pads are working really well. We've had the house (and machines) for over four years and were never able to go above a low spin cycle; now we the spin cycle rip all the way on extra high!!! The ceiling fan and blades in the room beneath used to behave as though they had drank a lot of coffee for the vibration; now they must've changed their beverage intake to decaf, for the fan is as bouncy as an inchworm! Very little noise, very little vibration, but perfectly well within the realm of reasonableness! great product!

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walking washing machine
The pads are a marked improvement and I am so pleased! Even with a load of towels, the vibration level was much better. There is an added benefit to this as, with the addition of the pads, it is now easy to clean under the machine!

~~ Margaret ~~
Ottawa, Canada

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