anti-vibration pads for washers and dryers

Make sure that the wash machine is level before installing pads. Start with a clean dry floor. Lifting one side at a time, place pads under the feet of the wash machine. (Assistance may be needed lifting the machine.) Using two people is the recommended method. Make sure that the feet of the machine fit securely in the recess of the pad. Make sure that the pads do not move or spin under the feet. It may be necessary to adjust the feet slightly to hold the pads firmly to the floor. Recheck level.

How To Avoid Unbalanced Loads:
Wash items of the same fabric together. Combine large and small items in a load. Load large items first. Large items should not be more than half the total wash load. Do not wash single items. This may cause an out-of-balance load. Add one or two more similar items.


Will the pads fit under any washer or dryer?
Yes, the recess in the pad is designed to fit any washer or dryer.

Can the pads be used with a pedestal?

Can the pads be used with stackable units?

What are the dimensions?
The pads are 3 5/8 inches in diameter, 1 1/2 inches tall. The recess is 2 inches in diameter, 3/8 inch deep.

Can the pads be used with a water pan?
Yes. Place the pads in the pan, then place the washer on the pads.

Will the pads stain the floor?

How long will the pads last?
The pads will last as long as the life expectancy of your washer / dryer.

Will household detergents harm the pads?
No. Detergents, fabric softeners, and floor cleaning products will not affect the pads.

How do you ship?
Orders are shipped within 3 working days, using the US Postal Service 2 / 3 day priority mail.

Do you ship outside the United States?
Yes. Orders are shipped within 3 working days, using the US Postal Service 6 / 10 day priority mail. There are usually no additional customs charges. See the International Order Page for additional shipping charges.

For more information on our products, call us at (330) 947-3527. If there are any problems with your purchase, please contact us.


walking washing machine

Great product! We moved our washing machine to the second floor in our home. Before we purchased GVI Vibration Dampener Pads, we used a 1 inch rubber mat. These pads made a huge difference. The floor no longer shakes during the spin cycle.

~~ Randy ~~
Westport, CT
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GVI assumes no responsibility for personal injury, mechanical or physical damage while installing or using the pads. Pads should be professionally installed. Not responsible for any discoloration of the floor that may occur. Will not help reduce vibration of severely unbalanced loads. These pads are intended to help reduce the transfer of vibration from wash machines and dryers, and for no other use. GVI will not be responsible for pads that are used incorrectly or not for their intended use.

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