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walking washing machine
Great product! I had ordered a set before and they helped tremendously but now my wife no longer wants the units stacked so after laundrty room remodel, I need another set to adjust the height of the dryer, thus the current order.

I am a home inspector in Virginia Beach and constantly warn home buyers about front load washers and also tell them about your product and website.

Like I mentioned above, great product!

~~ Clay Bryant ~~
Beach Home Inspections, Inc.
Virginia Beach, VA

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GVI assumes no responsibility for personal injury, mechanical or physical damage while installing or using the pads. Pads should be professionally installed. Not responsible for any discoloration of the floor that may occur. Will not help reduce vibration of severely unbalanced loads. These pads are intended to help reduce the transfer of vibration from wash machines and dryers, and for no other use. GVI will not be responsible for pads that are used incorrectly or not for their intended use.

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