anti-vibration pads for washers and dryers

washing machine anti-vibration pads

Good Vibrations (GVI) was formed by partners to solve a serious problem concerning high speed front load washer vibration. The team at GVI has over 30 years experience in the rubber industry, including research, development, and manufacturing.

Because front load washers spin as fast as 850-1400 RPM, proper balancing is very critical. This problem is increased on upper level laundry room floors thus creating vibration or your "walking" washer. The manufacturers recognize the problem and recommend that home owners reinforce upper level floors which is expensive and not practical. GVI has extensively tested several prototype rubber compounds to create the problem solving vibration dampener pads. GVI pads can also be used on top load washers to prevent "walking", and can also be placed under dryers to create a level working surface between washers and dryers. See our special pricing when ordering two sets.

Wet or damp basement? GVI pads can also be used to raise your washer, dryer, or other appliances and equipment off of a damp floor to prevent rusting.

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walking washing machine
I installed the pads and loaded towels and bath mats which usually cause the machine to walk out of place in my laundry. The pads worked perfectly. The machine did not move or rumble. I must mention that I have tried all kinds of remedies from the hardware store before coming across the Vibration Pads from GVI. In addition, the customer service I received from GVI was excellent!

~~ Gloria ~~
Hillsborough, CA
GVI assumes no responsibility for personal injury, mechanical or physical damage while installing or using the pads. Pads should be professionally installed. Not responsible for any discoloration of the floor that may occur. Will not help reduce vibration of severely unbalanced loads. These pads are intended to help reduce the transfer of vibration from wash machines and dryers, and for no other use. GVI will not be responsible for pads that are used incorrectly or not for their intended use.

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