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washing machine vibration pads

The Original Round Solid Rubber Pad

Good Vibrations are specially designed washing machine vibration dampener pads for your front load washer and dryer. The solid rubber pad design reduces the transfer of vibration up to 80%. Our pads can help prevent washers from “walking.” They also eliminate the need to reinforce upper level floors. GVI pads can also be used with top load washers.

Good Vibration pads are gray in color, measure 3 5/8 inches in diameter, are 1 1/2 inches tall, with 3/8 inch recess, weigh 12 oz. each, and are virtually invisible when placed under your appliance. The recess in the pad ensures that the feet will stay in place, while allowing ample space for level adjustment. The pads can be used with stackable units, or with pedestals, placing the pads under the feet of the pedestal.

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walking washing machine
The vibration pads are working great. Our front loading washer is upstairs and the floor that it is sitting on is not exactly level. Without the vibration pads the washer would sound as if it was going to come through the ceiling. Now even though there is some vibration the difference is night and day, the pads are well worth the money. Once again, the product is fantastic.

~~ John ~~
York, SC

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